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Smart Rabbit Mother And Builder Fox

Awesome Builder Fox, You've Built Us A Nice House

“Thank you for constructing our dream home, you have done a fantastic job for us. What do you want me to do in return?” the mom rabbit asked the builder fox. “I don’t need anything in return.  Since you are insisting, I want one of your babies,” the fox replied.

The Heated Argument

“What do you mean? Aren’t you ashamed asking a mom her baby, you cruel fox? No mother will ever trade her babies for anything. I don’t want our help or house, leave us alone,” the rabbit was trembling with anger.  But the cruel builder fox grabbed one of her cute babies by its ear and tried to run away. But he was unable to move, looking back, he was fear-stricken. A big elephant was standing behind him with its heavy leg upon the fox’s tail.

The mom rabbit knew that the fox was very cunning, and may do something wicked. So she had sought the help of her best buddy Mr. Big Elephant, who was hiding behind them. If anything goes wrong, he was there to help the mother rabbit.

The elephant asked the fox whether he wants his life or the rabbit baby. “Oh, actually I was kidding. I don’t need rabbit baby, please let me go.” he pleaded for his life. “Leave this place at once, and don’t even think to come back here again. If you come back, I will thrash you,” the elephant warned the fox and let him go. The fox ran for his life, away from the rabbit house leaving the baby rabbit with its mother.

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