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Monkey And The Baby Elephant

Here is a banana for you!

“Hey, kid, here is a banana for you,” the monkey offered an elephant kid a banana. Seeing banana, the elephant kid was overjoyed.

“I love bananas. Thank you very much for this sweet banana,” said the elephant kid and ate it.

“I need more,” demanded the baby elephant.

“I will give you plenty of bananas. But you have to carry me on my back to the place where I am telling,” said the monkey.

So the baby elephant carried the monkey on its back and walked. After walking for a few miles, they reached a place where plenty of tall trees were growing. Those trees were home to thousands of monkeys. All the monkeys came out of their home and looked at the monkey on an elephant in disbelief.

The monkey had a bet with other monkeys that he would travel on the back of an elephant. The monkey won the bet and became the next monkey king.

“Hey, everybody, give my friend some bananas to eat,” said the monkey.

His soldiers gave some ripe bananas to the baby elephant. The elephant had a stomach full of elephants and returned happy. The monkey king started ruling his kingdom.

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