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Worried Mother Rabbit

Don't make any noise!

The mother rabbit was worried about the safety of her son. The cunning fox was somewhere around. The mother rabbit wanted to protect her child from the fox and advised her child not to go around. If the fox spots the rabbits, then there is no way to escape.

But the baby rabbit has never seen a fox in its life. The rabbit’s mother described what a fox looks like. The baby rabbit seems to be understanding.

The mother rabbit went out to search for some carrots for their dinner. While the mother was away, the baby rabbit was playing around. When it heard a sound, he looked around. The fox his mother described was standing there. The baby rabbit rushed to a rabbit hole.

“I smelled a rabbit here. I think a rabbit is somewhere here,” the fox said to himself. He looked around for the rabbit, but he couldn’t find one.  After searching for a while, the fox left that place without finding a rabbit.

Evening, the mother rabbit returned with some fresh carrots in her hand. Seeing his mother, the baby rabbit ran to her and hugged her tightly.

“My dear child, what happened? Did that fox come here,” asked the worried mother.

The baby rabbit told its mother everything that happened with the fox.  The mother rabbit was happy to learn that her child was smart to get rid of the fox. Both the mother and the child enjoyed the carrot.

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