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Frog, The Doctor

The frog doctor was sitting idle, looking at the river. He had nothing to do that day. There was no patients.

“Who is there?” the frog saw something moving towards him in the water. It was an old tiger who have come all the way, crossing the river to see the doctor.

“Doc, I am feeling weak. I can’t even walk,” said the old tiger.

“Oh, I see. You are saying you can’t even walk. But you still is swimming. You are too old. First, stop swimming around. You are too old to swim. Sit somewhere and count the ants marching,” the frog doctor advised the tiger.

The tiger was angry. It threw the frog away. Nobody saw the frog doc again.

He must be practicing somewhere else!

Story Discussion

Joy: The tiger looks too tired even to walk. Look at his sunken eyes.

Flick: The doctor lost his sense.

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