Missy The Cat Under The Mirror

cat on the mirror

Who is this? why he is imitating me?

It was a piece of mirror, that caught the smart cat Missy’s attention. So he stood upon it, saw another cat under him. Missy was surprised over his own mirror image. “Oh, I found a new friend. Now we can play together,” he screamed. The cat under him also screamed. “Wow, he is a real friend,” Missy thought.

Whatever Missy was doing, the mirror cat was just imitating him. So Missy got angry. He asked the other cat to stop doing what he is doing. But the mirror cat said the same thing to Missy, that he should stop imitating him. “Fed up with the mirror cat, missy said, “Ok, I am going, goodbye.”  The mirror cat also said goodbye. Missy went home. Next day when he came, the mirror was not there, so the mirror cat too was gone. At last, Missy got peace of mind, there is nobody to imitate him.

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