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Vintage Beauty Story

vintage brown beauty

Hi kids, I am an old car who had a glorious past.  As the only brown-red car in the town, I had special attention anywhere I go. People admired my elegance and beauty. Being a modern car at that time, other cars envied me. My proud owner Mr.Jim was very enthusiastic about taking care of me. His hobby was explaining my technical features to his friends. I still cherish those glamorous days of my life in mind

The past is the past. A few years back, my kind owner Jim died of old age, ending our special relationship abruptly, leaving me alone in this old garage.  It’s a boring life in the garage without doing anything for the whole day. Once in a few weeks, I get a start and idle engine for a few minutes to keep my engine in good condition. Once a year, I am driven by Mr.Jim’s son to take part in a vintage car rally. People still admire me and call me a Vintage beauty, whenever I show up in the vintage car rally.

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