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Story Of A Timber Elephant

Ah, These timber logs are heavy!

No dear, I am not playing with these wooden logs, but working hard in a timber factory. I am an Asian elephant. I was living a peaceful life back in the forest. One bad day, I got captivated by humans. I was brought here and trained to work with heavy wood logs. I lift them with my trunk and put them into the truck waiting outside the factory. It is hard work all day, bonded in heavy chains. 

I envy my friends in the forest, freely wandering there, while I am doing a tough job here. Under the hot sun, I had to labor hard. I don’t know when this punishment will end, but I got a piece of good news that the elephants like us are being replaced by heavy cranes, which are stronger and faster. Maybe soon I could go to the place where I came from, and meet my family. Have a good day for you.

Story Discussion

Big Boy: Hard labor of elephants should end. Now there are machines to do heavy stuff. Why not spare poor elephants.

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