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Jingo Mission Missing Elephant Baby


police elephant

One more question Jingo, how you are going to find out the missing baby elephant? Asked the Fox journalist. No, I can’t tell you that, replied Jingo the Police Elephant. I have my own plans to find the missing animal and may take different routes as appropriate, which I should not disclose to the general public. As a smart police officer, I make sure that no information is leaked as it will affect my investigation said Bingo.

Next day Jingo started off with a combing operation for the missing baby. Baby’s father and mother elephants were deeply worried about the fate of their dear baby. Mother was not eating anything after her baby going missing.  Jingo made a very exhaustive plan for searching. First, he went to the North which was famous for the wetland. Baby animals used to go to that area to play but sometimes die because of the dangerous clay found in that region. He walked through the forest to find the missing baby. But there was no sign of him. Then he went to the South of the forest. He searched everywhere but couldn’t find any sign of the missing baby.

Then he went to the east. There was a river flowing through that area on the banks of the river he saw some small footprints. He was almost sure that it was of the missing baby elephant. He followed the footprints. Walking a few miles through the river bank, he reached a spot where the elephant baby was playing with some Lion cubs. Jingo rescued the baby from Lion’s den.

It was a very sensational reunion the missing baby with his parents. Fox journalist wrote a big hero caption for Jingo for the clever plans he made to save the baby elephant.

Back at the police station, Jingo got another call informing that there is a big fight between a Lion and a Rogue elephant. He is on another mission.

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