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Mission Lunar, My Unforgettable Journey To The Moon

Bye,Bye Earth!

Hold on, my countdown has begun by the people in the control panel. Literally they are counting on me. They want me to have a successful landing on the lunar surface and probe the lunar surface and send them some nice pictures, including my selfie.

I’m engineered to conquer the heights!

I was waiting for this day. I can hear them counting, Three, Two, One, and here I go. The launching pad was filled with my fart, I am just off leaving the earth behind me, and nothing can stop me now.

I’ve got a great speed, I’m engineered to conquer the heights, to fight the gravitational pull. Once I breaks that, the journey is lot easier. I will be flying all the way to the moon but will take me a few days of non-stop flight to reach my lunar destination.

It’s five days since I started off my journey to the moon. Now it’s time to land on the moon. Ok, ready here I come, Mr.Moon, take care of me!. Ah, it was a fine landing. Let me explore the moon. I will send you some nice photographs of the moon. Stay Tuned!

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