Help Somebody When You Are Not In Risk!

lion and the parrot
I saw him running in that direction

A parrot who was resting on a tree branch, saw a bunny running fast. Somebody might be chasing the poor little thing, the parrot thought. After a few minutes, a lion came running that way. He asked the parrot whether she saw a bunny running. The parrot wanted to save the rabbit said, “Yes, I saw one running in that direction,” and shown him a different direction. The lion thanked the parrot and ran into that direction.

The bunny rabbit hiding in the bush was very thankful for saving him.
She thanked the parrot for the great help. “The parrot said, it’s not a big thing dude, I just helped somebody to save their life. I have nothing to lose, even if the lion comes back, he can’t catch me.”

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