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Lion And The Tigreess

No time for fight

It’s No Time For A Fight!

Hey lion, why are you here? I know you have come for a fight, but sorry, I have no time for a silly fight. I am busy these days, looking after my just born babies. See, how cute my babies are, I am sure that no other tigress in the world has been ever blessed with such cuties. Shoo, don’t make noise, the cubs are sleeping. If you want to fight me, come later.

Let Them Sleep

I avoid you not because I am a coward. I am ready for the fight, but only later, after my cubs are fully grown-ups. I hope you understand my situation, now if you have anything against me, let’s talk it right away and solve the issue without a fight. Now don’t disturb me, get lost Mr.Lion!

A mother is always there to protect their babies from dangers. The tigress wanted her babies stay out of danger and was cautious about the lion’s plan for a fight. The lion had turned back and went his way after his failed attempt to provoke the tigress mother.

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