I Hate These Mousetraps

Hey, Mr.Rat, why are you hiding away? You are afraid of somebody, please tell me whom you are fearing?

“You seem to be very upset, Mr.Rat, why what happened?” the elephant asked the rat. “I just had a narrow escape from a mousetrap, I don’t know why these people are always trying to kill rats. Wherever they spot us, they come with a stick and try to kill us. Sometimes it’s a mousetrap, sometimes it’s poison,” said the rat.

“I am sorry to hear that. I think why people are trying to kill you is that because you are stealing and destroying their corps. So it is no wonder why people are trying to kill rats. If you do good for them, then people will love you,” said the elephant.

“Thanks for your kind advice my dear Elephant, but you know, we rats can’t change ourselves like that. We have established ourselves as a nuisance wherever we go. Every animal has its unique way of doing things, and we rats are no exception to that rule. I have to live this rat life, hiding away from people trying to kill us. Even if I try to do good, nobody will believe me,” said the rat, and went hiding because somebody was coming on their way.

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