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Lion And The Deer, Fainting Helped

You are good!

The deer, who was dancing, fainted at the roar of the lion.

“The lion was upset seeing the deer fainted before him. Hello, Ms. Deer, Please open your eyes. I didn’t mean to harm you. I was just practicing my roaring skill,” said the lion.

The deer opened her little eyes, saw the lion, and fainted again. After several trials, the deer finally gathered the strength to face the lion.

“Why are you fainting seeing me?” asked the lion.

“I thought you have a bad intention behind your roar, to hunt me?” said the deer.

“No, I won’t hurt you! Because you fainted. I only hunt an animal after I chase it. You didn’t allow me to chase you,” said the lion.

The deer thanked the lion for sparing her life and ran to her mother.

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