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The Cat And The Rat Race

I got you!

“Hey, look out. You’ll be falling, my dear!”

The cat was chasing the rat. The rat was about to fall from the rooftop, but the rat was caught by the cat.

“Thank you for rescuing me,” said the rat.

“Rescuing? from what? I was chasing to kill you. Ok, let me ask a big question. After that, I will decide what to do with you. Here you go. What do you think of a cat like me?” asked the cat.

“A cat is clever and strong. Nothing can stop a cat from chasing a mouse,” the rat gave a very polished reply to please the cat.

“Ah, your understanding of cats is excellent. I think I can let you go,” said the cat, releasing the rat.

“Thank you, sir,” the rat ran away from the cat.

The cat went to chase another rat for the interview.

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