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Bird And The Cat

Bored I am!

The cat was sitting in front of the house. He didn’t have any activity to do and was bored.

“I should try out something different and adventurous,” the cat said to himself.

It saw a tree. So the cat climbed upon a tree. With a lot of effort, and a couple of falls the cat reached at the top of the tree. “Wow, this is a great place to enjoy the countryside. I can see everything from here,” he thought.

“Hey, what are you doing here on the top of the tree? You are not supposed to climb the tree. This tree belongs to us. This tree is our home, we are the inhabitants on this tree. Don’t spoil our privacy. Please get down at once,” it was a bird who lived in that tree.

“Oh, I am sorry. I didn’t mean to disturb you birds. I was just trying to be adventurous by trying out something different,” said the cat.

“Ok, you can stay here, but don’t create problems for my kids,” said the mother bird.

“I won’t do any harm to you or to your babies. Instead, I’ll guard your babies when you go out,” said the cat.

“Oh, that’s very nice of you. I think I need your service to keep my family safe from predators. There is a snake who wants to eat my babies. In fact, he tried to steal my eggs, but I somehow managed to protect my eggs. Now, he is eying my babies.” said the mother bird.

“Don’t worry. Nobody will ever dare to steal your eggs when I am here,” said the cat. The mother bird was happy. “Now I can leave my babies under your care and protection,” said the bird.

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