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Working On A New Restoration Project

There is a plenty of job to do!

“Hey, kids, are you surprised to see me on this van? Ok, no more surprises! I am working on a new restoration project to restore this van.

I feel quite like a professional. I have to grind all this van with my teeth.  A rat is not a rat without its teeth. That’s a good saying about rats. I feel proud of being a rat.

I have a lot of activities scheduled for this project. I am waiting for my friends who will be joining this project soon. You know, after all, it’s teamwork that becomes successful.

This cute van was abandoned here by some people. Poor guy, I watched it for a few days to confirm it is really left to rust. Sometimes after we start our job, people will come to give us a hard time. I don’t want to create any problems with people.

Being a complete restoration professional, I know what it takes to restore a van like this. It takes time and effort to complete the job in time.

Here my friends are coming. Enough of the chit chat, time to start my job. Bye-bye, see you later.

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