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Two Rabbit Friends Are Happy Again

Nice to see you here

Two rabbits met each other in a garden. One of the rabbits was new in that place. The fine spring morning made the countryside looking beautiful. The rabbits were just jumping around, chomping carrots.

“What are you doing here?” asked one of the rabbits.

I am here on a vacation. I live in another part of the country. I am here with my friend, a little girl who have come here to visit her grandma. I will be here for a couple of weeks until my little friend goes back. By the way, this countryside is looking so beautiful,” said the new rabbit.

“Welcome to our place, there are more things that make this place even more beautiful. Come, I’ll show you around,” said the other rabbit. They jumped around enjoying the garden. Every day, they had something to do, and their friendship grew.

“My dear friend, it’s time for me to go back. My vacation ends tomorrow. I have to go with my friend,” said the rabbit.

“Please don’t go! I love your company very much,” cried the other rabbit.

With heavy hearts, they prepared to be separated from one another. The day has come for the rabbit to go back. The girl noticed her rabbit friend didn’t want to come with her.

“I have good news for you. You stay here with your friend.” said the girl to the rabbit.

Both the rabbits were happy and danced around to celebrate their togetherness.

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