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Smart Ducks Outwitting The Fox

Don't chase me!

Two ducks in the pond were having a great time together. Every day, they have a lot of activities to do in the pond. Spotting worms and eating them was their favorite hobby. Nobody was there to disturb them, and they freely lived in the pond. 

One day, a fox who came that way saw the two ducks. The fox wanted to eat the ducks but did not dare to reach the pond to catch the ducks. So, he patiently waited on the pond side.

The ducks saw the fox. “Hey, be careful! That fox is waiting there to catch us,” said one of the ducks. 

“We must do something immediately. Otherwise, that fox will catch us,” whispered the other duck. They came up with a plan to send the fox away.

“Hello, Mr. Fox, why are you sitting there? Come and play with us, enjoy this great pond. It’s so nice playing in the water,” said the ducks.

“I think first I’ll befriend the ducks and then catch them at the right time,” thought the fox. With that wicked thought, the fox slowly entered the pond.

“Hey, what’s happening to me,” thought the fox. The fox couldn’t move. The pond trapped the fox.

“Somebody please help me,” the fox cried out loudly.  The ducks were happy.

“Will you please ask the pond to leave me,” the fox asked the ducks.

“Promise us that you will never come to us,” said the ducks.

“I will never come to you, I promise,” said the fox.

The ducks requested the pond to leave the fox. The fox jumped out and ran without looking back. The ducks laughed and thanked the pond for saving them from the fox.

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