Life Story Of A Seagull

The seagull was upset, her friend left her that morning without saying a word. It was quite unexpected, she found it very difficult to adjust with the fact that he left her without saying even a goodbye. “Life is like that my dear baby, he is going to come back soon!” consoled her mother. But that didn’t stop her from crying, she thought that he has gone forever. A few months have passed, and she lost all the hope that her friend would return.

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One day, the seagull heard the loud horn of a ship passing through the cliff she was living. She flew down to the ship. It was her favorite pastime visiting the ships passing through that area. Sometimes, the birds will get a feast on the ship’s deck with various delicacies. Hey, look at that, who is sitting there lonely? She couldn’t believe her eyes. There he was, her friend who went missing months back, sitting lonely on one end of the ship. The female bird was too happy to meet her friend again.

“I am sorry, I left you without saying a word,” the male bird busted in tears. “Don’t worry, you are back, I am happy. I need you only,” said the female bird. Together they flew to the cliff they were living. From that day onwards, they live a life of happiness, children were born to them.


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