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The Untold Story Of A Circus Baby Elephant

I am waiting for my mother!

Hey kids, I am waiting for my mom to come back after her performance in the circus. Life of a circus elephant is tough, nothing sort of a fun life like you imagine. Today this is the last show in the circus, after that she will come to me.

She is a great performer at the circus doing many tricks that no other elephants could perform to this day! My mom is very professional in her job. After all, her job requires her to be very alert in whatever she is doing. She used to tell me stories and incidents that happened in her performance. One day, she fell from the cycle, but luckily nothing happened.

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She is very popular among the circus audience. One day, when I grew up, I too will become a great performer. My mom says that very soon I also will get some training and I too can join the circus. I am eagerly looking for that day when I get a chance to perform. I am sure that I will keep you all entertained during my show. Will you come to my show?

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