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Upset Dog And The Silly Cat

Hey, come here, I have a surprise for you!

Yes, I’m upset today, anybody will be upset if something like this happened to them. Until yesterday, I was the happiest dog in the world, enjoying all the freedom and pampering from the family. I had all the attention I deserved. But everything is changed with the arrival of that silly cat who took away my place in the family. “I have to do something about it immediately, or else, that silly cat will rule the world,” thought the dog.

I agree, the new cat is very cute, but that is not a good reason why the family should avoid me! Now the whole family is after that silly cat, giving all the attention once I was receiving.

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“Hey, tiger, why are you sitting sadly? Come here, and look at what I have specially prepared for you?” the lady of the house called the dog. Reluctantly, he followed her. What he saw excited him. It was beyond all his expectations. He saw some of his favorite stuff on a plate. He was happy again, had delicious food. Once again he was the happiest dog in the world.

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