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I've Got A Pet Today

You are in safe hands, baby!

The rabbit had no idea where he was running. But he had to run because the fox was chasing the rabbit. If he slows down, the fox will catch and eat him.

While running, the rabbit saw a gorilla sleeping under a tree. The rabbit just jumped into the lap of the gorilla. When the gorilla opened its eyes, it saw a rabbit on its lap.

The gorilla was happy to see the rabbit.  But at the same time, the fox also reached there.

“Hey, Ms, I was chasing this rabbit for a long time. This rabbit belongs to me, hand her over to me,” said the fox.

The gorilla was angry with the fox. She frightened the fox, and the fox ran away. The gorilla let the rabbit go and asked the rabbit to come to her when she was in danger. The rabbit was happy and went home singing a song.

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