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The Cow's Promise

The tiger invited the cow his place

An old tiger visited the village in the hope of finding something to eat. The old age made it difficult to hunt, and he was looking for easy prey. That’s why he was in the village to lure animals to his place.

The tiger saw a cow grazing in the meadows.  When the tiger saw the cow, he wished her Good Morning. The cow also wished back.

“Hey, I am a tiger. I wanted to befriend beautiful animals like you,” said the tiger.

The cow was excited to hear the praise from the tiger. She laughed enjoying what the tiger just said about her.

“Hey, Ms. Cow, why don’t you come with me? In my place cows get a lot of freedom and big green meadows to eat green grass,” said the tiger.

“Um, that’s good to hear. But before I accept your offer, let me show you a place you will find yourself comfortable for the rest of your life,,” said the cow. The tiger gladly obeyed and went with the cow.

The cow led the tiger to a place where the tiger saw a lamb tied to a tree. His instinct made the tiger jump upon the lamb. Suddenly, he found himself in a cage that was dropped from the top of the tree.

The cow laughed at the tiger and wished him good luck.

“Hey, Mr. Tiger, don’t worry. You will get what I promised. Soon, you will be taken to a zoo, where you will be treated well,” said the cow.

The villagers were glad to see the tiger trapped. The tiger was then transported to a zoo. In the zoo, the tiger is well-treated and gets his food in time. The tiger was happy to be in the zoo.

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