Ski Board Overturn

Elephant enjoying skiboard
Wow, It's super fun and cool!

Move back, Move back, Give Way, I am coming down, sliding through the snow, the world’s first ever skiing elephant. I love this adventure experience. It’s a lot of fun skiing through the snow. I just have to stand like this, don’t have to do anything. This is really faster than I ever thought, maybe my weight adds to the momentum. It’s a special skiboard built just for me!

It’s winter again. I missed it last winter. Whenever I see people skiing, I always wondered what the heck was going on. But now I understand why people are after this fun sport. I never thought skiing is so much fun, but it’s great fun. I’ll do it again! Do you love skiing?

Oops, what’s happening to me? Am I losing my balance? Help me please. “Stop that fool, or he will be crushing us,” did I hear somebody screaming from down the valley? Ah, it’s painful, my ski board overturned, and I am badly injured, I have a narrow escape, I will never try this again.


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