Honking Car And The Deaf Lion

lion and the car
Honk, Honk, Please Give Me The Way!

“Hey, who is there in the middle of the road blocking my way? A Lion? Let me honk to tell him to give me way. “Honk, Honk.. Mr.Lion, I am coming all the way down from another part of the country. You are blocking my way? Can you please find another place to take rest?”. Looks like the lion is purposefully ignoring my presence, blocking my way. Don’t he have any manners? Honk, honk, can’t you hear Mr. Lion? I am in a hurry. No way, this lion is asking for trouble, he is not moving at all, acting deaf, trying to block me for an unknown reason. Maybe I should sound louder, Honk, Honk. No response? Something is wrong with that lion. He doesn’t seem to be a normal lion, is he deaf?

He doesn’t know how busy I am. I have to reach my place before it is night. It’s already late and I have a lot of miles to go. The lion wants to show his power. But this is not the way to show your power, blocking others. Anyway, let me wait until he chooses to give me the way.

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