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Helping Out A Strange Visitor

Hello Friend, Glad To Meet You!

The dog was taking an afternoon nap when he heard a strange noise. Looking around, he saw a strange visitor. It was a tiger, a big one from the jungle. The dog became upset about the tiger. Small children are sleeping inside the house. His master and his wife are in the field and will return only in the evening. If he barks, the tiger will kill him first, but he had to do something fast, otherwise, the life of children is in danger.

“Hello, stranger, glad to meet you. What made you come here?” asked the dog. “I am here on a friendly visit to the village to see all of you,” said the tiger without revealing his original intention to hunt a goat or cow. “That’s cool, you are our visitor. So I must show you around,” said the dog. “Good, you take me around,” said the tiger. He laughed inside. “My job is easy with this fool dog.” The dog took the tiger around. The tiger was excited to see cows and goats. “Um, today I am in luck,” he said to himself.

Suddenly there was a loud sound, when the dog looked back he couldn’t see the tiger. He fell into a deep pit. It was covered with some coconut leaves and only the dog knew that.  The tiger was groaning in pain inside the pit and requested the dog to help him out of the pit. “I am sorry, dear. I will go and find some help soon. You take some rest in the pit while I go and search for help,” said the dog and ran to the field where his master was working. The dog grabbed his attention by barking loud. The master understood that there is something wrong at home.

So he gathered all his co-workers and went to his home. The dog led them to the pit where they shocked to see the trapped tiger crying for help. When people saw the tiger, they got frightened. They promptly informed the forest guards. The forest guards came with a big cage for the tiger. The cage was lowered into the pit. The dog requested the tiger to get inside the cage so that he can be rescued. The tiger happily went inside the cage. The forest people took the cage out and the tiger was never seen again.  Everybody thanked the dog for his timely help and even the newspaper carried the dog’s brave story.

The tiger is now spending his life behind the bars of a zoo and the dog never met him again.

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