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Healing An Elephant

It's big rock on our way!

“Hey, there is a big rock on our way!”

“No, darling, it’s not a rock. It’s an elephant. I think the poor elephant is suffering from pain. Let’s go near him and examine her.”

The vet couple got down from their truck and saw the elephant in tears. They found its leg was swelling from a wound. They applied some medicines on its wound.

“You will be alright soon,” said the couple, and they drove away.

The elephant waved its trunk towards them as a token of appreciation.

A few months after. the couple was traveling on the same road again. On their way, they saw an elephant standing on their. The couple identified the elephant as the one they treated ealier for the wound.

The elephant stood beside them and showed her leg to the couple. The wound they treated was completely healed.

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