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Fighting Never Helps To Solve Problems

two rhinos fighting
Leave my territory at once!

A Bitter Argument

One fine day in the Rhinoland, two rhinos met each other.

“Why are you here?” the first rhino asked.

“That’s what I also wanted to ask you. Why are you here?” the second rhino asked.

“Don’t provoke me, you are in my territory, and still, you are asking why I am here? You must leave now,” said the first rhino.

“You are in my territory. Encroaching into my territory is strictly prohibited. You are the one who must leave,” said the second rhino.

That territory dispute resulted in a fierce battle between the two rhinos, which lasted for a long time. Both rhinos were equally strong so the fight lasted for a while. After the fight, both rhinos found themselves heavily wounded. Tired, the rhinos lay down in the mud.

Dispute Is Over!

Then a third rhino came.

“It’s my territory. What are you two doing here? Leave at once,” said the third rhino.

The fighting rhinos were too tired for another battle and wounded. They had no other option other than to leave that place. Both the rhinos left that place immediately because if they stayed any longer, they would have to fight with the new rhino.

The third rhino declared it as his territory.