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The Best Way To Handle An Intruder

I Smell An Intruder Here!

The Unexpected Village Tour By The Grizzly Bear

“Hey, I sense an intruder here. I have to do something immediately,” the dog said to himself.

The intruder was none other than the wild grizzly bear from the nearby forest. The grizzly bear was on a village tour, trying to get into one of the houses in the village to find something to eat. You know what will happen if that grizzly bear breaks into the house.  The dog saw the intruder and got frightened. Because grizzly bears are known for their rude behavior. The dog well knew that it’s not an easy task to handle a grizzly bear of this size all by himself.

“Hello, Mr. Bear, how are you? May I help you?” asked the dog politely. “Oh, I am here to visit all of you to see how things are going in the village,” said the bear.

“Of course, I welcome your visit,” the dog said.

“Can I go inside the house?” asked the bear.

“Yes, you can, please get inside,” the dog said. If the dog didn’t permit, the bear would definitely attack the dog and break into the house. So the dog made that clever move, asked the bear to get inside.

There was nobody in the house. The grizzly bear went inside. He laid his hands on the honey bottle and started gulping the honey.

The dog ran to the farm where village folks were working and informed them about the bear. When the village folks came, they caught the bear, and put it in a cage to send the bear to the zoo.

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