Sometimes A Dream Comes True Almost Instantly

gorilla and the cat

After a lavish feast on some of the tastiest bananas he ever had. the gorilla was having his usual afternoon nap. Sleeping under a big tree, he had a beautiful dream. In his dream, the gorilla saw God from the heavens throwing him a gift.

Suddenly the gorilla woke up from sleep by hearing a sound and felt something fall upon him. The frightened gorilla had no clue what had just fallen upon him. He searched for it everywhere, but it couldn’t be found. Sitting under the tree, he thought for a while, wondering what it could be that’s fallen from above. Then he remembered his dream.

“Ah, it must be the gift which I saw in my dream that god sent from the heavens,” he thought. The gorilla again searched for god’s gift everywhere, and this time he did find it. It was a cute little cat smiling at the gorilla. The gorilla also smiled at him.

“Thank god, I finally got a cute little friend, God is just great!” he said. Both Gorilla and the cat became friends and stayed together for the rest of their lives.

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