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Giraffe And The Elephant Visit

You are so powerful, Mr. Elephant

One fine morning, a giraffe saw an elephant in its territory. Instead of arguing over encroachment, the giraffe welcomed the elephant.

“Hey, Mr. Elephant, thank you for dropping by. I would like to make new friends, and you are my new friend,” the giraffe said happily.

The happy giraffe made the elephant feel at home. He introduced the elephant to its family members. After that, they played together, running around and cracking jokes.

“Ah, your long legs help you run so fast,” complimented the elephant.

“Thanks for that compliment, Mr. Elephant. Your long trunk is powerful. How easily you removed that wooden log from the path,” complimented the giraffe.

Both the animals played together and exchanged stories about many experienced they had in the wild. The giraffe and the elephant enjoyed their time staying together.

The elephant thanked the giraffe for the great experience the elephant had with the giraffe.

“Why don’t you come to my place for a wonderful time with my family,” said the giraffe.

“Sure, I’ll pay a visit soon,” said the giraffe.

The elephant went home happy.

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