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A Fish Visiting The Ship

I must find out what is inside a ship!

The fish always wanted to visit a ship. He had seen several ships passing through, and wondered what could be inside the belly of a ship.  He never had a chance to visit the ship.

“One day, I am going to pay a visit to a ship to tell you guys what is there inside the belly of the ship,” he declared to his friends. “Wow, you are brave, you can do it,” all his friends encouraged him except one guy. He was one of his good friends. That fish discouraged him, saying that it is too dangerous to go near the ship. But the fish didn’t pay attention to what his good friend had to say. He already had determined to visit a ship.

Visting The Ship

On a fine morning, while the fish was swimming around, he saw a large ship sailing in the sea. The curious fish who wanted to know what was inside a ship started to follow it, swimming very near to the ship.

Suddenly something came down. He was too late to realize that it was a fishing net. After some time, the fishing net was raised and opened into the ship’s belly. His long-cherished dream to visit a shipping vessel was fulfilled, but he had to pay a heavy price for that with his own life. Along with him, there were other fishes fighting for their lives too.

“I shouldn’t be following this ship. I should have listened to my good friend who tried to discourage me from getting onto the ship,” the fish regretted. But it was too late for him to escape.

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