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The Helpful Elephant

Bye, Mr. Elephant. I am leaving this place!

Everybody loved that helpful elephant. The elephant was always there to extend help to whoever needed help. One day, the elephant saw a rat in the boat sailing in the river.

“Hey, where are you going, Mr. Rat?” the elephant asked the rat, hurriedly rowing in his boat.

“I am leaving this place for a better place. My friends invited me to that place,” said the rat

“I am sorry to see you go. Anyways, it’s your wish. I wish you all the best,” said the elephant. The rat said bye to the elephant and continued rowing its boat.

Rushing to help

The elephant heard a scream. When the elephant looked back, it saw the rat drowning in the water. There was no boat, but the rat was in the water. The boat rat was sailing had hit a rock and broken apart.

“Somebody, please help,” the rat was screaming. The elephant immediately rushed to help the rat. The good Samaritan elephant extended his trunk. The elephant lifted the rat from the water and saved its life.

“I am thankful for your timely help. You are a good friend, and I won’t leave you,” the rat thanked the elephant for the help, and they became good friends forever.

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