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Getting A Taste Of It!

Hey Moon, Have You Seen My Mother?

Grizzle bear cub stood on the mountain cliff and watched the nightsky. The moon smiled at him. He smiled back. The bear cub was awestricken on the absolute beauty of the nightsky full of stars. God is great who made all these beautiful things, he thought.

“My dear child, what are you doing here alone? Where is your mother?,” the moon asked him bear cub. “My mother is not yet back from honey hunting. I am waiting for my mother to return with a lot of sweet honey,” the grizzly cub said. “Oh, I can see your mother climbing a big tree. I think she found some honey in that tree. Wow, you can be happy, she is collecting honey for you,” the moon said.

The grizzly cub was happy and excited, thanked the moon for that big news. “You know one thing, one day, I will also go with my mother to get honey. My mother has promised to teach me the art of honey hunting. She says it is a dangerous job, climbing big trees to check the honeycomb is not going to be an easy task. But I am ready to do anything for honey,” said the cub. The moon smiled at him and wished him all the best.

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