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Bunny Bet

Oh, God He Is Looking At Me!

The bunnies were discussing their predators. “According to me no predator will kill us unless they are not hungry,” said one of the bunny. But other bunnies didn’t agree. “If you can prove it, we will give you a big reward,” they said. So here was the bet, the bunny has to stay calm before a tiger. The bunny accepted the challenge. He knew that a tiger usually passes that way after his hunt. He stood directly on its pathway, other bunnies went hiding in the bush and watching.

bunny mugSoon, the tiger appeared from a distance. He saw the bunny on his way, the bunny saw the tiger. The other bunnies hiding in the bush were breathless, some fainted with fear. Anything can happen, the tiger may kill their friend! But the tiger, completely ignored the bunny as he walked away. The tiger just had a great lunch. The bunny heaved a sigh of relief. “Wow, you made it,” other bunnies appeared from the hiding place and praised him for his braveness.

“Where is my reward?” the curious bunny asked. You are awarded a tile of the bunniest bunny of the year. We will give you a year of carrot supply directly delivered to your home,” said the bunny king. The brave bunny went home happy. Rest of the year, he didn’t have to go out for food as every day the carrot was on his doorsteps. He spent the whole year with his family.

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