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Dog Who Loved Freedom

Are you a spy?

The funny dog he was wanted to free himself looking around for some fun. One day during a family trip with the owner and her family, he got himself out of the car. “I am free like a bird,” he laughed and ran as fast as he could. But the fresh lease of freedom also had some danger, he was totally unaware.

Soon it was dark in the night, the dog had no clue where to go. He heard a loud noise. It was a big lion before him. “Who are you? What do you want?” the lion asked the dog in a most displeasing manner. The dog was so terrified by seeing the lion. He was seeing the lion for his first time and frozen with fear. “I am a poor dog from the city, I don’t know how to go back to the place where I come from,” the dog somehow told the lion about he reached the jungle.

Please, Somebody Help Me!

That made lion more suspicious. “I think you are a spy humans have sent to spy on us. I’ll give you an opportunity to escape. If I see you again in this place, I have to kill you,” the lion said. The dog started running again, he lost all the hope to escape from the jungle. “Only if I had stayed back,” he regretted upon his decision. Suddenly he heard a screeching sound of a car stopping. It was his dear owner and her family. The door was opened to let the dog was inside. He heaved a sigh of relief and vowed that he will never leave the family again.o

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