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A Fox Can Never Be A Tiger!

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One day, a fox saw a tiger resting under the tree. The tiger had just finished a sumptuous lunch on a deer. “Hey fox, you need some?” the tiger invited the fox to finish the leftover.  The fox happily accepted the tiger’s invitation, started eating the leftover.

After the fox finished, he asked the tiger the secret of his hunting. “I am very unlucky these days in my hunting. You always have something to eat, can you please share with me how do you hunt?” asked the fox. “Oh, that’s simple, I prepare for hunting climbing on this tree.  This tree is the best hiding place I have ever seen. From the top of the tree, I can see everything that is happening even miles away. Whenever an unsuspecting small animal comes near, I just jump upon it,” said the tiger.

“You are a very clever tiger,” anyway thanks for sharing your meal, which was delicious. Also, thanks for the great hunting advice, let me try that,” said the fox. The tiger climbed the tree again for a good sleep.

The smart fox found a good tree, somehow managed to climb that tree. After waiting for a while, he saw a small rabbit running home after school. The fox prepared himself and jumped upon the rabbit. But the smart rabbit saw the fox coming down ran away. The fox had a crash landing on the ground and injured himself. “Only if I had not followed that dumb tiger’s tactic, I should have stick to my own style” regretted the fox.

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