The Father Lion's Dream

lion sitting outside his cave

Hi Darling

The lion was sitting outside his cave, watching the night sky. It was a pleasant night, and his family was sleeping inside.  After the heavy dinner on a fat deer he hunted that day, the father lion was sitting outside his cave, looking at the moonlit night sky, and thinking about his family. He has three sons, has great hope about them as any father has about his kids.

“Please come inside darling, isn’t it cold out there?” the lioness called out from the cave.  “Oh sorry dear, I was just lost in my thoughts. I was thinking about our sons, don’t you think it’s time we give them some good training to make them great hunters?  Let me take them along with me for hunting tomorrow. I am sure that one day, they all will become great hunters we can be proud of,” the father lion said. 

“Yes darling, they are smart kids, you must train them. I am sure that one day they all will become great hunters,” said the lioness.  The lion went inside his cave along with the lioness to rest.



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