Breaking News Of The Elephant

Hey, stop there, here is a piece of news that will frighten you!

“Hey king, stop there, I have breaking news for you! Another lion from a foreign land has landed in our place. He is stronger and taller than you. If he comes and fight with you, I am sure, you will be killed. So you must leave this place at once, or he will come and fight with you. The sooner you leave, the better it will be, I warn you,” said the elephant. The king lion stood still for a while. He was not sure what to do. Any brave people at first stumble at such breaking news. But soon, the lion regained his mind.

“Look dear, I am not going anywhere. If he comes to me for a fight, I will not fight. Let’s see what happens. I don’t want to waste my energy fighting with somebody stronger than me. Instead, I’ll befriend him and we will become stronger,” said the lion smiling and walked away to his cave. The elephant was baffled at the lion’s response to his breaking news, couldn’t understand why his breaking news failed to break the run’s heart.

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