All I Need Is A Ride

horse story

I desperately need a ride, come, and join me for a ride. I can take you for a ride that you will remember forever in your life. This horse ranch is very vast, and we can ride around it for hours. I have no fear of speed because I am a racehorse. Don’t worry, I won’t make you fall, as I am a well-trained horse. I have participated in several horse races.  I can jump the hurdles and even can play golf. 

Last winter, a family was here to spend their holidays. The boy in the family wanted a ride. As he was just a kid, I was walking slowly. But he wanted me to run at my full speed. So I started running as fast as I could. At last, he started crying to stop me, he was so frightened.

Little Dog Coffee Mug
Little Dog Coffee Mug

I am born and brought up here in this horse ranch. I love people coming to me and enjoy taking them for a ride.  My father was a very popular racehorse in his times. He was a hard worker too.  He could run very fast because of his long legs than the other horses.

Hey, why are you waiting? See, I have got a comfortable saddle made of soft leather. I am sure that you will enjoy your ride.


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