It's Fun, Playing Together

boy remote car driving
Here You Go

The little boy was very happy with the gift he received from his dad, a cute blue toy car, which runs on a remote. The boy took some time to figure out how the controls work in driving the remote car. He was so amazed at its terrific performance. But his friend, the cute little dog missed the boy, he gave no attention to the dog as he was busy playing with the new car.

The next day, the boy took the car to drive it outside.  The car ran at a high speed but suddenly disappeared, there was no trace of the car. The boy searched for the car everywhere, but he couldn’t find it, and he started crying. Seeing the boy crying, the little dog decided to undertake the mission to find the lost car.

The dog ran around the place to find the car. After running here and there, the dog saw the car in a pit upside down. The dog carefully took the car and gave it to the boy. The boy was so happy with the dog, and they started playing together.

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