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Digging In The Snow

Let Me Start Digging

Did the foxy lose something in the snow?  What is she searching in the snow? Maybe the key to her house is lost? Hey, what is she doing with her hands? Crazy fox, she trying to dig a hole in the snow? For what? Let’s watch her closely. She is not crazy, the foxy appears to have a solid plan in her mind to dig the hole.

In no time, the foxy dug a hole, a neat one, so fast. In a swift move,  she took her hand out of the snow. What is in her hand? Wow, she got a big fish. She was fishing in the snow and is lucky today. Look at that, the foxy got a big fish in her first attempt itself. She is laughing in excitement.

The foxy is running to her den, holding the big fish in her mouth. Let’s follow her. Her kids saw her mother coming with a big fish. They are happy, made some strange noises to express their happiness.

Ok, it’s time for lunch. The whole family assembled around the dead fish. Each one got their share and they were happy to eat a tasty fish.  Now, let’s sleep, the mother told her kids.  They slept in their sweet home while it started again snowing outside.

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