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Baby Loves To Sing A Song For You

What a beautiful world!

She loves to sing and dance to its tune. The baby elephant girl is always happy. She is an adorable cute girl who has a reason to be happy. All elephants love her. Wherever she goes, she grabs attention.

In a world of her own, she dreamed about many things. Every day, she is finding new and interesting things. Butterflies flying around, flowers blooming and enjoys the change of seasons. The lovely girl goes around making new friends, everybody liked her. One day, she was singing dancing another big elephant came. He was taller than any other elephants she had ever seen. He watched her dancing for a while and smiled at her.

Then he also started dancing with the little girl.  All other elephants were fear-struck because the big elephant never made friends, only enemies, and he dealt with his enemies harshly! But seeing the little girl dancing, he too became like a child. After the dance, the big elephant gave a kiss to the little girl and waved her goodbye, and disappeared into the wilderness.

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