Don't Be So Fast, Ms. Bunny

chomp chomp rabbit of the countryside
Um, It's So Tasty!

The chomping bunny was busy with a big carrot she got from the kitchen. For her first time, she sees such a big carrot, nice and shining red. Holding such a tasty carrot makes any bunny happy.

But our bunny has a bad habit, she hates sharing, especially when it comes to the food she loves! She was chomping as fast as she could before other bunnies spot her with the carrot. Oops, something bad happened. She was choking and breathless, and within a few minutes, fainted on the grass. Luckily a boy found her lying unconscious on the ground. He rushed the bunny to a vet who saved the Bunny from a choking death.

When bunny opened her eyes she saw the boy who rescued her. “Hey, Bunny, you were almost dead from choking,” the boy said. The bunny smiled at the boy and said a big “thank you” with her big brown eyes. “I have to change myself. I will never lose my self-control when I get something to eat. Instead, I will share it with others,” she took a pledge that day!


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