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Fish And The Elephant

Hello there, you are drinking too much!

Every time the elephant comes to the river to drink water, a fish pops up. The fish wanted to tell something to the elephant, but the elephant never saw the fish.  One day, the elephant saw the fish.

“Hey, Mr. Fish, are you trying to say something to me?” asked the elephant.

“Yes, Mr. Elephant, good you asked me. I see every day you and your friends come here to drink water from this river. I don’t have a problem with that, but I am concerned about the water in this river, and our safety. If you elephants come to the river and drink all the water, the river will have no water. If there is no water, we fish will die. Go somewhere else and drink water,” said the concerned fish.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Fish, We will not come to this place to drink water,” said the elephant.

The next day, the elephants went to another place to drink water. The fish was very happy. But that happiness didn’t last for long. One day, some fishermen came to the river. The fish in the river saw the fishermen and were in panic.

“It’s good that the elephants are not coming to this place to drink water. They have gone somewhere else to drink water. Now we are safe, and we can do fishing without fearing the elephants,” one of the fishermen said.

The fish realized the mistake it made by asking the elephant to drink water somewhere else. Now, they face a much bigger problem. The fishermen are there to catch all the fish in the river. The fishermen had a wide net in their hands. They had a wonderful catch that day, including the fish that had asked the elephant to leave.

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