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The New Giraffe Solider

You are tall, Mr. Giraffe

One day, a giraffe came to see lion king with a special request.  The lion was curious about the giraffe.

“Hey, Mr. Giraffe, why are you here?” asked the lion.

“Your majesty, I am here to join your elite army,” said the giraffe.

“You see, I have many animals in my army. Elephants, Lions, Horses. Please tell me why I should include you in my army. What makes you fit in my army,” the lion king asked.

“Your majesty, look at my long neck and long legs. I can see things from a distance. I can warn you if an army from other lands comes to us,” said the giraffe.

“You are smart. I impressed with your height. You can join my army,” the lion said.

“Thank you very much, your majesty. I will do my duties without fail,” said the happy giraffe and he joined the lion king’s army of elite soliders.

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