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If I Don't Cry, You Will Cry

Why you cry, Mr. Frog?

“Chrome, chrome, chrome,” the green frog cried loudly. A tiger sitting near the pond was annoyed by the frog’s cry.

“Hey, silly frog. Your cry gives me a headache. Will you stop crying?” the angry tiger asked.

“I am sorry that my crying disturbed you. But I am crying for something good. I cry for rain. When I cry, it will rain. If I don’t cry, it will not rain,” said the green frog.

“I am sorry, Mr. Frog. Please cry to your heart’s content. I don’t have any objection. If it doesn’t rain, the whole river will dry, and we’ll starve to death,” said the tiger.

“Chrome, chrome, chrome,” the green frog again started crying. After some time, the clouds appeared in the sky, and a thunderstorm started. It started showering insanely. All animals were happy to receive rain after a long summer.

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