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Son, You Are Very Precious To Me

I love you so much baby

Mother Giraffe was seen running here and there. She was worried about her son searching for the baby giraffe everywhere. He was playing around but suddenly went missing. The thought of her son being spotted by the predators sent shivers through her body. Searching for her missing son, she reached the riverside.

“Mother, mother, look here. I am here,” the mother giraffe heard the plea for help from her beloved son.

Hearing her son, the mother giraffe went ahead in the direction the sound was coming. The giraffe saw the shocking scene. Her son was surrounded by a group of young lions. Immediately, she sprang into action.

“Please leave my son,” shouted the giraffe and started kicking the lions with her long legs. The lions couldn’t take the strong kicks delivered by the giraffe’s long leg. They didn’t expect that attack and ran away from the giraffe kid.

The mother giraffe approached the baby giraffe, who was frozen with fear.

“Don’t worry, baby, nobody will ever dare to touch you when I am here. I will even give my life to save you!” the mother giraffe consoled her baby. Mother giraffe started to pamper her beloved son by licking him all over the body.

The baby giraffe enjoyed all those motherly pampering by standing still.  Mother Giraffe was very proud of her beautiful baby.

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: Baby is lucky

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