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King On A Bike

I Am The First Lion Ever Rode A Bike

The lion saw some kids on their bikes riding around. He was curious about the bikes and decided to learn how the kids ride and then steal one of the bikes and ride on it. The lion hiding in a bush closely observed the kids on their bikes.

“Now, I know how to ride a bike,” after closely watching the kids riding their bikes, the lion was confident that he could ride a bike easily.

“Kids, come, lunch is ready,” their mother called the kids for lunch.

When the kids went to eat their lunch, the lion picked one cute bike and started pedaling. Even though it was the lion’s first time, the lion could ride the bike. Because he already had a fair idea about how to ride a bike.

The animals in the forest saw their king on a bike and marveled at the lion. The lion felt very proud of himself.

“I am so special. I might be the first lion who rode a bike, and I deserve a reward,” the lion shouted at the animals it met en route.

After riding for some time, the lion reached the top of the hill. From there, the route was steep downward. Downhill, the bike was at full speed when the lion saw an elephant blocking.

“Hey, Mr. Elephant, give way, or I’ll hit you,” the lion king shouted loudly.

“How to stop this dam thing,” The lion had no idea how to stop the bike. The lion didn’t see how the kids stopped their bikes by applying the brake. Before the elephant could move from the path, the bike hit the elephant, which threw the lion a few meters away.

The lion lay unconscious. When it woke up, the lion saw all the animals around. The lion felt shame. The bike was broken. The lion went home, numbing, without uttering a single word. The animals laughed at the first lion who rode a bike, and fall from it.

Story Discussion

Lonely: Moral of the story is learning something not complete is dangerous.

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