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Fanta Bear Out Of The Circus

circus bear in the dark
Let me venture out

The Fanta bear worked in a circus. He was the top performer of the circus, and he has a lot of fans, especially kids, among his audience. Fanta had a long-cherished dream to escape from the circus to the wild world outside. One night he found himself in a lucky situation, his cage was left unlocked. Fanta bear was excited and waited for midnight to help himself out.

The Midnight Adventure

At midnight the bear slowly tiptoed out of his cage and finally out of the circus tent. He was very excited to breathe the fresh air outside of his tent. After walking for a while, he found himself in the middle of the city. Some people spotted a bear on the street and alerted the authorities. City dwellers were alarmed, seeing a bear wandering in the street.

Fanta bear was running here and there to find his way out of the city. But he was too unlucky as the circus management were already in action to catch the bear. When the Fanta bear saw the cage the circus workers brought, he went straight into it without showing any resistance. They brought him back to the circus tent. The bear heaved a sigh of relief. “At least I am safe here, I will never go out of this circus anymore. This is the best place for me,” he said to himself.